"When we can no longer dream, we die" -Emma Goldman

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear stalkers:

Hi Therine, Hi Nette!
I thought since I singled y'all out at lunch I might as well single y'all out on my bloggio! haha!

This is Sad

It's sad that a salutation in the 21st century consists of one thing: @
Yes, the twitter response symbol. I rarely ever write 'dear' or 'hello' anymore. It's just '@' then whomever I want to talk to. It sucks sometimes. UG!
peanut butter xoxo

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Godfather Trilogy

So last night I watched the first Godfather movie with my pops and today I watched the other two movies. So here's my run-down on the hallowed trilogy:
My favorite of the three was the first (mostly because James Caan was in it...but...) and I found it to be the least annoying. Yes, you heard me right, annoying. In the second one Michael was a detached zombie and the entire third movie was just unnecessary! Michael's attempt to "legitimize" the family is an unattainable ideal that is made even more unattainable by his temper. He is soo close to becoming legit then he has to go and kill someone, which a legit company wouldn't do! And the third movie gets its own paragraph so...

So the Godfather part III was just dreadful. It was a half an hour too long and Sofia Coppola was horrible! And what's with the whole Cousin love story line? Bada BING! IT sucked! The whole movie was just Too. Much. I didn't need to know that Kay still loved Michael because after what they did to each other, I was ready to move on. Also...the whole story line was just lacking. None of it was enticing. Oh! And did Michael Corleone, MICHAEL CORLEONE, really die like that? REALLY!?!? That's so annoying, that such a character just keels over, just like that. I mean COME. ON!! ug. More later.
peanut butter xoxo

Monday, November 23, 2009

That bench in the corner

So all this time
I've been thinking that you were amazing
and I thought you were the coolest
and that everything you said
was the smartest thing ever
and that you taught me everything

but you're just full of crap.
and a whole lotta bull.
I'm sorry but shit like that just isn't
it's fake shit you put up there to impress someone
I used to look up to you
but now I'm just thinking

what happened to you?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

crap like this

I really want to write something, but I don't know what to write
I'm not inspired
I'm not at all tired
and these are the two best times for me to write poetry
I'm just bored
and thats when crap like this comes out. MAH!
So I saw Jessica Stroup today (Silver from 90210) and she was smoking! EW!
I was at this office that my dad was at today which was on the Raliegh Studios Lot and thats where they film 90210 and OMG I saw her as I was leaving. there was TOTES rubberneck action...which I kinda feel bad about...but whatevs!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Talk Derby to Me!

I went to the LA Derby Dolls tonight and I just had to come up with derby doll names for myself and others.

-Elizabeth Bendit, #1813
-Sarah Impalin, #-08
-Auntie Maim, #65
-Grassy Ass, #1111 (she would wear green hot pants)
-Curl Swirl, #360
-Harry Slaughter, #7
-Bella Killin (no number for her yet)

well, I hope y'all had a successful weekend!
peanut butter xo

Thursday, November 12, 2009


You will always be my friend, right?
I cannot hug you
but you listen to my secrets
You do not respond
but I know you are listening
You are always changing
but always there
I see what I want to see
and I say what I want to say
and everything is okay
because you are always there.
Just the wisps of a thought
falling from the sky
catching the light with an invisible, selfish net
greeting me in the morning and staying around to
say goodnight
Taking a summer vacation
but coming back in time to see me off to my first day of school.
Beautiful, light, high-in-the-sky

Monday, November 9, 2009

Those Girls

My goal in life is to smile as much as those girls
to impart as much wisdom upon younger generations as those girls
to have as much kick-assery occur during my years as those girls
to be as talented as those girls
to have as many bffs as those girls
and to be as loved as those girls.


So I found an old birthday card you sent me
and I realized it was all a big lie.
I saw all the pictures we took
and wondered why you even bothered to try.
I understand that you now hate me
so much as to avoid me.
So thanks for the memories, inside jokes and sleepovers.
I hope what you did to me never happens to you.

Well...that's kinda a lie. I REALLY hope it happens to you.