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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Godfather Trilogy

So last night I watched the first Godfather movie with my pops and today I watched the other two movies. So here's my run-down on the hallowed trilogy:
My favorite of the three was the first (mostly because James Caan was in it...but...) and I found it to be the least annoying. Yes, you heard me right, annoying. In the second one Michael was a detached zombie and the entire third movie was just unnecessary! Michael's attempt to "legitimize" the family is an unattainable ideal that is made even more unattainable by his temper. He is soo close to becoming legit then he has to go and kill someone, which a legit company wouldn't do! And the third movie gets its own paragraph so...

So the Godfather part III was just dreadful. It was a half an hour too long and Sofia Coppola was horrible! And what's with the whole Cousin love story line? Bada BING! IT sucked! The whole movie was just Too. Much. I didn't need to know that Kay still loved Michael because after what they did to each other, I was ready to move on. Also...the whole story line was just lacking. None of it was enticing. Oh! And did Michael Corleone, MICHAEL CORLEONE, really die like that? REALLY!?!? That's so annoying, that such a character just keels over, just like that. I mean COME. ON!! ug. More later.
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