"When we can no longer dream, we die" -Emma Goldman

Thursday, November 25, 2010

i'm pretty sure that today is the day i give thanks for those people and things in my life that keep me from jumping off the roof on a daily basis. the problem is, there are too many people and too many things they do for me to list them all here. i'd say it's jamie's smiles every morning, but there are too many mornings that her smiles warmed me better than a cup of hot chocolate. i could say it's zena's snuggliness, but depending on what sweater she's wearing and how much her hair eats me that particular day, the hugs vary. it could be schuyler's total understanding of everything that comes out of my mouth, sometimes before it even comes out, but the thing is, there are just too many things that she gets about me to list. do you see my dilemma? even marisa's calm, cool, collected manner when i'm off the wall can't be listed because i go off the wall good or bad. the thing here is, i love everybody who makes my life just a little bit better by being in it and to say that i'm thankful is such an understatement, it's almost insulting. i'm not thankful for them, i'm not grateful for them, i'm alive because of them. everyday i'm not doing so great, they bring me back to life. they lift me higher and allow me to be a better person. i literally cannot express in words the good that they put into my life. some say that religion is their guiding light, or their family. mine is my friend. my perpetual light in my life that makes me great, that keeps me sane and whole is the light that i see every day. the light that never flickers, never fades, never needs batteries. the best light in the whole world is the one i didn't even ask for. they say that you can't pick your family but you can pick your friends, but i beg to differ. i didn't pick my friends. fate picked them and i couldn't get rid of them if i wanted to. they're like good horcruxes. like a part of me is in them (that sounds really sketchy) and i like to think that i've impacted their lives in some way or another. i love you all so much more than you could possibly know.

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  1. I love you so much Phoebe Benya. Thank you for everything. :)