"When we can no longer dream, we die" -Emma Goldman

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Couple of Things...

1)If I say anything, the shit will royally hit the fan. But I want to! I just can't.

2) I always have these moments when I see something, or say something, or something happens and I just start writing a poem in my head. Those are usually the good ones, but I never write them down and then they just fitter away. *sigh*

3)Sooo...history class? IS A JOKE! We've had one test so far and as long as you talk and show the same views as him, you're kinda doing really well. That's really all it takes. And I LOVE IT! It's balances out my grade in Bio(ewwww!).

4) So Christmas is coming up! GET EXCITED FOR A RECESSION HOLIDAY! That means old newspapers as wrapping paper, no more name-brand toys (Hello Shmarbie!), and Santa only gets two (COUNT 'EM!) cookies. Speaking of Santa *SPOILER ALERT* He doesn't exist. I should have figured that out as soon as my parents told my brother and I that Santa didn't actually want milk, he wanted a Corona w/lime. And the reindeers didn't want carrots! They wanted a burger. That should have tipped me off. But I actually found out when my mother was using a purse that the Easter Bunny had given me and I accused her of stealing. She informed that that, in fact, she had purchased it in Chinatown. I then made the connection and was sufficiently upset for the rest of the day. =*(
Oh well!

peanut butter xox

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