"When we can no longer dream, we die" -Emma Goldman

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black as night

An inky black night
swallowed up by tears
pouring out of her eyes.
She cries because she is alone,
and she is alone because no one knows
who she really is.
She hides in the corner, hoping no one will ask her
if she is okay.
So for the rest of the day she smiles, so no one will ask her
if she is okay.
She hides secrets
and asks questions
that lead to a nowhere
as dark as the inky black night.
Her tears get washed away by the shower
only to be replaced by new tears, caused by a new sorrow.
She cries in vain, and her pain will never be heard.
Her tears will never dry and will always be renewed.
There is nothing to console her, nothing to answer her questions.
Just sorrow
that gets swallowed up by the inky black night.

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