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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The full Spiel...

MSP Girls:
Working with you all has been one of the best experiences I've ever had. I saw talent, brains, beauty and dedication day after day and show after show. I was blown out of the water from day one. At auditions I couldn't believe that a) I didn't know half of you and b) that you hadn't done theater before. You are all so incredibly talented and gifted and I hope you continue theater at Marlborough. I also wanna give y'all props for holding neutral for EVER. I know how hard it is to hold it right after the warm-up circle but to do it for a whole show? Jesus Mary and Joseph! You go girls! Another thing: THERMALS. 1) SUPER SEXY! 2) SO. HOT. under those lights? If that's not dedication I don't know what is! If you didn't see me after tonight's show, here's a visual: I was crying basically all of act II and couldn't stop until we left school. I'm so immensely proud of each and every one of you. A month and a half ago we had a book...that's it...now we are done with a play you put together from a book. You make me happy to be doing this and it excites me so much that you all are the ones I get to work with for the next 2 years (then I leave, but still...). Everyone asked me why I was doing this and why would I want to work on the MIDDLE SCHOOL play but to be honest? It's because of you guys. You are all so talented and you don't even know it and that's what makes me want to work harder and to make you be the best that you can be (QUICK! GET ME A SUMMER INTERNSHIP AT HALLMARK!). Some addition: my house+you+me=beach, all the time this summer. LETS DO THIS! Call me and we WILL make it happen. I'm here for you all whenever you need ANYTHING! A hug, someone to sing a song with, some tampons or a smile in the hallways. I'm there for each and every one of you 24/7. I don't want to just be one of those people you make friends with during a play then they are just gone from your life. I want to be friends! Can we be friends? Pretty please? I'm pretty awesome! I feel like at this point I'm just ranting and babbling...oh well! It's my blog! I'll do what I want! And what I want to do is get some shut eye after that INSANE cast party!!! My fingers are STILL wrinkly from it! Shout out to Katie K for hosting! Thanks girl! Fav thing about the cast party? THE SEX FAMILY! (that sounds SO wrong for anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about! GAH!) I'm going to miss hanging out with you guys after school and I'm gonna miss keeping y'all in line all the time! You all mean the world to me and we need (read: HAVE TO) chill this summer. Some of us are planning a group DLAND trip, call/email me so we can HOOK IT UP! The tired is kicking in, despite the Mexican Coke/Red Bull high I was on 10 minutes ago. I'm gonna go sleep now.
OH! Did I mention I'm so fucking proud of you it brings me to tears whenever I think about it? I didn't? Oh! Well I think I just did sooooo...yeah....
Hugs & Kisses,
whatever else you wanna call me.


  1. you're amazing.
    -ruby (llannnettt)

  2. ahh phoebe youre making me cry!!
    i love you!!

  3. love you phoebe!

  4. you neglected to mention the mexican opera. but yes, i completely agree with you! i have nothing but pride for this cast of fantastic, hard working young women. it was a pleasure to work with them. you aren't the only one crying.
    love you,