"When we can no longer dream, we die" -Emma Goldman

Sunday, July 5, 2009


1) OMG someone who I don't know found my blog. THAT IS SO COOL! I want to spread my word across the nation (or as far as it will go!!) haha. I just like knowing that there is spreading of my url going around.

2) Moonlight is so pretty! Does anyone that lives in an urban area (cough, me!) really know about this?? I was driving home from Topanga Canyon with my family and I looked out the window @ the beach and there was this pathway from the moon to the shore of moonlight. It was awesome. I was in awe. It was a sight to behold. Get it? 

3) Sleeping in is a great invention. Kudos to anyone that created it.

4) I saw Transformers 2 the other day and I need to say this: WE GET IT. MEGAN FOX IS PRETTY! NO NEED TO SLOW-MO HER RUNNING SO EVERY SINGLE MALE IN THE AUDIENCE SEES HER BOOBS BOUNCING UP AND DOWN. JESUS! Yeah. That needed to be said.

Summer on!
p.s. try the new coconut Pinkberry! Its not as disgusting as it sounds!

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