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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weird 2.0

Okay, so you all read the weirdness that was me breaking down whilst reading Eclipse. Well it happened again, this time Joss Whedon style. I was watching Angel and Buffy is in LA. Well Angel gets exposed to the blood of this Morar demon, which is regenerative. Sooo, it regenerates HIM! He becomes human, no strings attached. So he and Buffy get all groiny and start a relationship again. YAY! Then Doyle gets a vision of the Morar demon coming back bigger and stronger. Angel, not wanting to wake Buffy, goes to fight it all by his lonesome mortal self. Well he's not TOTALLY getting his ass kicked but its not great. Then the demon starts going on about the end of days and how its coming. Angel kills it (again and correctly this time) then goes to see the Oracles about this. They tell him that he and Buffy will die together because of what the demon said. So he asks them to make him a vamp again. They can only do it by a temporal fold, which means that the last 24 hrs, the ones with him and Buffy rekindling their love, will never have happened and only he will remember them. When he tells Buffy that they only have one more minute together, she starts crying and saying "I'll never forget, I'll never forget". Well here's where my personal waterworld comes in. Gawd! I was SO SAD! This wasn't as weird as the Eclipse thing because I was watching it happen to people, not having to make an image in my head. But still, a breakdown over BUFFY AND ANGEL! He's wearing a crushed velvet shirt for christs sake! COME ON! I don't know why I find David Boreanaz SO HOT! He just is, but only as Angel. I can't watch Bones because the whole tortured soul angle is just so appealing. Well okay, NOW I'm actually going to bed. 

Summer On!
pb xoxo

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