"When we can no longer dream, we die" -Emma Goldman

Friday, February 20, 2009

my cynicism at it's peak.

So I'm watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (which I originally had no intention of watching) and I find myself liking it a great deal! And I wanna go see Fired Up! Tommorow but BRIT bailed on me! ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! But tmrw. morning my dad and I are gonna go to the PGA tour at the Riviera golf club but the guy that said he was gonna drop off the passes hasnt dropped them off yet and I'm getting a weee bittt ticked off...it's a tradition for leapin' lizard's sake!!!
I got a flyer in the mail for Lotus Yogurt Bar in hermosa. It's self-serve. So let me get this straight: Pinkberry is a knock-off of Red Mango- Yogurtland is a knock-off of Pinkberry- and Lotus is a knock-off of Yogurtland. Ah, the consumerism of America! What a country we live in today, eh? I find it amazing that we can have knock-off of a knock-off of a knock-off! Really? Like...REALLY? The inventiveness of the modern world pushes us to always look for the better, the newer, the shinier! We buy the car that has the shiniest paint job, the best new-car smell and the hottest salesman. No wonder our economy's in the crapper, we are all to busy looking through the local PennySaver looking for a new t.v., computer, house and/or baby to go do something about it! So, ladies and gentlemen, here's the lowdown on the new stimulus package(In case you didn't already know!):
-We are spending billions of dollars we don't have to help fix a problem caused by spending billions of dollars that we didn't have. See a pattern? 'Cause I do!
Note to self: Pick-up my socks when I take them off around the house. My mom doesn't like sitting down to watch t.v. and find my socks on the floor at the foot of the chaise(I love that word!...chaise...)
peanut butter xoxo

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