"When we can no longer dream, we die" -Emma Goldman

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


so in drama we were given the beginning of a sentence and i (of course) made them into a poem. so here goes:

I see the past
I hear your rejections
I wish we were friends again
I am lonely

aaaannnddd SCENE!
so I went to beehive with one of my bffls and now she's eating all my MAYJAH smarties
lame-o is not equal to lmao
and now my bffl is choking.
now she's banging her head against the wall
now she hates me for writing this/that 
now she's excited that it's dark out
she's special
we're working on it
comment nitches!
p.s. nitches is my way of saying biz-nitches
its affectionate
now she's spazzing to WHAM!
now she's choking again
if only nauto had trained me sooner.... *sigh*
this is a long post! maybe I should use the whole line like this and aren't you proud of me for using the whole line????? =D
i gtg
Stay Classy San Diego
peanut butter xoxo 

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